2020 was quite the year. So how do you sum it all up AND provide hope for the new year? Also, how do you not continue to create the most hated content on the internet for the past two years?
This was the challenge that YouTube came to us with. 
Agency: Big Spaceship
Creative Director: Christine Gratton
Associate Creative Director: Bradford Gilmore
Senior Art Director: Connie Zhou
Senior Copywriter: Austin Powe
Junior Designer: Joseph Ng
Animator/Motion Designer: Lori Hamasaki
Since 2010, YouTube has created their annual end of the year video. In 2018 and 2019, they became the most disliked video on YouTube. Now in 2020 the world came crashing down. So what do you do when you have the internet's most hated annual video and the most hated year in modern history?
It started with an announcement.
Which got picked up by the media and fans were both happy and sad that their annual dose of hating a tech giant wasn't going to be available this year.
But don't worry! We had a back up plan all along... 

Introducing #ThisIsHow
We created a social campaign collaborating with top YouTube creators of 2020 to share their top four channels and videos they watched to help them through an insane year.
The world's favorite creators took over our social channels and shared their top four of 2020.
We then asked the community to share their top four creators and videos.
Which included mini games and stickers reflecting our creators, 2020 trends, and our campaign..
Even though we were all isolated, we still managed to do things together. We showcased how we were all together in these trend videos.
Design System
As the senior art director, I managed a team with a designer, motion designer, and an editor. We developed this evergreen design playbook for YouTube and the international markets to follow.
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